Cakes Sizes and Servings

The cakes sizes and servings shown below, are figured on our everyday 3 layer cakes, cut into proportional slices based on what is served at parties (usually 2 fingers together OR less).

All of our specialty cakes are filled with buttercream icing and frosted in our homemade family recipe vanilla buttercream. Other frosting’s are available upon request and availability. Check with your bakery representative.

We do not provide prices on cakes, due to a wide variety of designs and flavors + fillings. Please call the bakery or send an email for custom cake quotes. Visit our Contact page for sending an inquiry!

*Disclaimer – These are typical wilton cutting size and is how we determine sizes and amount of servings for each tier. It all depends on who’s got the knife and who’s cutting the cake! Whether you’re generous or strict will determine whether or not you’ll get more or less servings!

Round Cake Sizes & Servings

6” serves up to 8
7″ serves up to 12
8” serves up to 20
9″ serves up to 24
10” serves up to 28
12” serves up to 40
14”serves up to 63
16” serves up to 77

Square Cake Sizes & Servings

6” serves up to 12
8” serves up to 20
10” serves up to 30
12” serves up to 48
14”serves up to 63
16” serves up to 80

Hexagon Cakes

6″ 12 servings
9″ 20 servings
12″ 34 servings
15″ 48 servings

Pillow Cakes

2 layer pillow cakes – 1 layer filling

6″ 13 servings
10″ 30 servings
13″ 64 servings

Sheet Cake Sizes & Servings

1 layer sheet cakes (no filling)

¼ Sheet serves up to 15

½ Sheet serves up to 35

Full Sheet serves up to 110