Over the years, we’ve been known for offering every specialty diet that’s out there from Sugar Free to Eggless and Vegan to Gluten Free. For a span of 3 years, we discontinued our specialty diets to only Gluten Free, due to shifting to a new location back in 2013.

As of Fall 2017, we offer several specialty diets such as; Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Eggless, and Vegan in all cakes and cupcakes, flavors are shown here.

All of our special diets are by special order (usually) with a general 3-5 day lead, recommended based on current availability (can change). Also, be prepared to pay extra for specialty diets as it’s not the normal cake batters. Extra special precautions are put into place in order to guarantee you product is what is says it is.

To be more specific with what we offer, here’s a chart of what we offer.

Gluten Free  Sugar Free Vegan Eggless
Cakes Cakes Cakes Cakes
Cupcakes Cupcakes Cupcakes Cupcakes
Cookies Whipped Icing** Buttercream Icing
Call for quotes Call for quotes Call for quotes Call for quotes

**Whipped Icing for Sugar Free – We use a convenience product sold by our food supplier that is Sugar Free whipped icing. The sugar that is in the product is called MaltitolIt is considered a sugar free product which is naturally extracted from fruits and vegetables – also considered to be carbohydrate. You can read more about Maltitol by clicking on the word.