1. Christmas is coming early!

    Christmas was here before Halloween even arrived, but this year That's The Cake Bakery is celebrating the holiday season with big savings for the end of the year parties that you share with your family. All of our sweets are fresh and made in house. Order your specialty items for the holiday parties…Read More

  2. Thanksgiving Day Treats

    DON'T FORGET! You can order your Thanksgiving Day treats now and pick them up the Tuesday PRIOR to Thanksgiving... Look at the following items available to purchase! Pumpkin Pie Egg Custard Pie Pecan Pie Pumpkin Rolls Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes Spice Cupcakes Is there something you don't see but would l…Read More

  3. Happy Halloween!!!

    We hope everyone has an enjoyable Halloween this year! Nancy and I dressed up as a Chef and Pastry Chef!!!! It was a great Halloween at the bakery. we hope everyone has an enjoyable time tonight tricking and treating. Be sure to dress warm and drink plenty of water. Don't go and visit a house that d…Read More

  4. Where do Groom’s Cakes derive from?

    Groom's cakes are wedding traditions, originating in ole' Victorian England. They're often observed more often in the modern age in the American South; Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Louisana, Georgia, Florida, and Mississippi. While a wedding cake may often be decorated in white and light in texture or…Read More

  5. History of Tier Cake

     Tier Cakes | Wedding Cakes | Birthday Cakes in Arlington Tier Cakes have always been in fashion and the most popular pick for Wedding Cakes and Birthdays. But it will be interesting for you to dig deep into the history of Tier 1 and Tier 2 Cakes you will be rather appalled to find out that there w…Read More

  6. Grooms Cakes | Fake Cakes | Birthday Cakes | Arlington TX

    Fake Wedding Cakes and More!

    Fake Wedding Cakes Have you ever heard of a fake or faux (PHO) cake? At first when joining the BAKE TEAM, I hadn't any clue what my colleagues were talking about... Since no one was willing to explain what they were, I had to do the digging myself. I began with using Google, the classic search engin…Read More

  7. Wedding & Birthday Cakes

    Wedding Cakes - Birthday Cakes - This week! View this weeks' cakes ranging between Monday thru Sunday! We've accomplished another incredible round of cakes! Elegant coral and mint lace and flowers wedding cake, superhero; batman, superman, spiderman, and the hulk's birthday cake, a princess ruffled …Read More

  8. Birthday and Specialty Cakes

    Birthday Cakes | Specialty Cakes Check out this week's cakes we've worked on! These are including Spongebob Birthday Cakes, Frozen Birthday Cakes, A Specialty Camo/Bow N Arrow Target Birthday cake, a black and white bridal cake, mustache birthday cakes, plus a wedding cake! We're always updating the…Read More

  9. Minion Mania!

    This week we encountered another awesome project! MINIONS! It was over the entire week we had to find safe and fun techniques that would make sure the #Minion stood at the right height. In the end, it ended up looking like Kevin! Before we begin, if you haven't seen the new Minions movie, definitely…Read More

  10. Sculpted Cakes

    Alabama Crimson Tide Sculpted Cake 2 weeks ago we were approached by a mother and son, because he was graduating college from Alabama Crimson Tide. It was super fun to create such a detailed cake! At our bakery in Arlington, Texas located near Six Flags Over Texas and Dallas Cowboys Stadium, we crea…Read More