Cake Pickup Tips for Transportation

If possible, bring an SUV or larger sedan when picking up your cake, if transporting a cake larger than 2 tier’s, it’s preferred to have an SUV.

Many cakes that are smaller than 12″ in diameter can be fit into the front seat-passenger side-floorboard, anything larger should be in an adult’s lap or a level, air conditioned area at the rear of the vehicle.

If possible, bring a side-kick along to help you transport and/or carry the cake.

It’s OK to hold a cake in your lap that IS NOT 2 tiers. Small birthday cakes, sheet cakes, cupcakes, cookies, etc are OK to carry in your lap.

Never drive like you’re in a Nascar race when carrying cakes, especially tiered cakes. Take it slow around corners, if needed, turn your hazards on. *You paid money for a beautiful cake, don’t ruin it!*

You may want a box to cover the entire cake, although it’s not wise to cover a cake to where you can’t see the cake. Plus, not every bakery have boxes for every cake, due to the uniqueness of a cake. Lastly, you always want to keep a close eye on the cake!

Please ensure that the pick up of your cake is the last of your trips before arriving to your final destination.  (Please do not leave your cake in the car while you shop.)

Drive with precaution; Avoid pot-holes, sharp turns, and slamming on brakes.

Ensure that the temperature in your car is as cold and as it can be.

Be sure you have available a flat area in you car to set the cake in. (Do not set cake in car seat or trunk.)

The best way to carry your cake is arms extended out like a fork and cake on top. (Similar to a fork lift.)

Boxes are only  to prevent Flies and little objects that can dropped when you move your cake.

When picking up your cake, it never hurts to ask questions!

Always have a level surface to carry your cake!!!!