1. Minion Mania!

    This week we encountered another awesome project! MINIONS! It was over the entire week we had to find safe and fun techniques that would make sure the #Minion stood at the right height. In the end, it ended up looking like Kevin! Before we begin, if you haven't seen the new Minions movie, definitely…Read More

  2. Sculpted Cakes

    Alabama Crimson Tide Sculpted Cake 2 weeks ago we were approached by a mother and son, because he was graduating college from Alabama Crimson Tide. It was super fun to create such a detailed cake! At our bakery in Arlington, Texas located near Six Flags Over Texas and Dallas Cowboys Stadium, we crea…Read More

  3. Naked Wedding Cakes

    Last weekend we came across a rare appearance! NAKED WEDDING CAKES! It was quite the scene. It's been a couple of years since we've had to do one. Do you know what a naked wedding cake is? Do you want to know? Well, if you're not a big fan of butter cream frosting, then naked wedding cakes are the w…Read More

  4. SMAUG the Dragon from The Hobbit

    Smaug | Sculpted Cakes

    Dragon Birthday Cakes | Sculpted Cakes Never in my entire life would I have ever imagined to make a dragon out of cake, but hey, there's a first for everything! Although I do have to say this was an awesome project that we encountered upon a few weeks ago. We were asked by a gentleman to create the …Read More

  5. Best Tasting Bakery

    As you may have already heard, we WON the Best Tasting Wedding Cake in North Texas this past weekend! The contest was in Richardson, Texas at the Richardson Civic Center. The categories stretched from 'Buttercream Dream' to the Six Day Challenge all the way to the most favorited one of all; THE TAST…Read More

  6. What’s The Difference? Here You Go!

    As a baker and decorator we have to explain numerous times the difference between: LAYERS & TIERS. There is a difference, a big one! At That's The Cake Bakery, our cakes are standardized by having three (3) layers to one (1) tier of cake. Example: You see here to the left, we have a 3 layer cak…Read More

  7. Yes, it’s a new look, but nothing about the taste has changed!

    We would like to personally welcome you to our new website, which we have been working for several months to unveil to our clientele. We hope you find this advanced site easier to use, along with a massive selection of photographs of our most popular work. If you're to check out our Wedding Cake g…Read More

  8. Cookies & Cupcakes Taste Good with the Dallas Cowboys

    We can make cookies and cupcakes in your favorite team's colors.  Order cookies in the shape of footballs or jerseys with your favorite player's number for the next game at the AT&T Stadium. That's The Cake is located near the Dallas Cowboy's Stadium and your favorite amusement park Six Flags O…Read More