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Fake Wedding Cakes

Have you ever heard of a fake or faux (PHO) cake? At first when joining the BAKE TEAM, I hadn’t any clue what my colleagues were talking about… Since no one was willing to explain what they were, I had to do the digging myself. I began with using Google, the classic search engine on the web. I had searched “Fake Cakes” and within seconds I felt somewhat like Albert Einstein retaining so much knowledge at once!! I felt like a winner.

I was then asked a few weeks later, after joining the bakery, I was asked to make my first Fake Wedding Cake to display out front in the bakery window. I knew then I wasn’t great at designing a cake, or better yet, where to begin, but I let the wheels turn, and turn.

And there I began, my night on Pinterest, looking for the perfect designs, elegant and creative, something you can’t find often on wedding cakes. I really enjoyed my time spent on Pinterest under the wedding cakes category. There really are amazing, creative people in this world creating memorabilia. I really did some thinking on using bling on my cake, gold or silver bling to be exact. I ended up using Gold, only because I really found a large amount of the weddings on pinterest were mostly silver designed. I wanted something different. When you see the picture below, you’ll understand why. I went with a classic look, Dreaming Gold. I used the designs of pleating, quilting, rosettes, smooth, and the bling was the piece that brought the entire piece together.

When I began piecing the cake together, I started from the bottom to add the pleats to the cake, taking about 2 hours to complete, once that was done, I glued the next piece on top to let it sit over night. Once they were in the drying stage, I began on the 6″, 8″, and 10″ pieces, covering them in fondant. And in case you didn’t know, covering a Styrofoam cake, isn’t a easy task. (Do not try this at home, something may become broken in half!) #Anger.

Once the cakes were covered, I began piecing them together so they could begin drying together. Whenever they were to a point, I began adding the pearl look-a-likes to the top of the cake, and the lacing effect. The top was then done. On the next tier down, I had assistance from a baker, inserting each of the pearls into the indents made from the quilting design. That took about 45 minutes. Having that part done, the top two and bottom tiers done. Next was the 10″ which had to be painted gold, first, then could be wrapped in the gold bling (which I bought from Michael’s!). After I let the gold luster dust paint dry, I measured, cut, and wrapped the gold bling onto the 10″ round layer. Once that was done I used fake buttercream to do the rosettes on the second to last tier to make the rosettes. That was a pain because of the chunks stopping me every 3 minutes. So the rosettes took me about 2 hours to put on. Once that was done, I added a singular gold piece of bling to the middle tier for a lasting effect. After doing all the work I let it sit overnight. The piece was done, and I was a happy camper.

I brought it to a Wedding Show in Dallas, TX on July 25th & 26th of 2015, and boy was I surprised with all the amazing compliments and feel good comments I received regarding the Dreaming Gold Wedding Cake! It makes you feel like you accomplished something strenuous when you spend 24 hours working on a cake!

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