Best Wedding Cakes | Dallas – Fort Worth

Check out all of the most popular wedding cakes in the Dallas & Fort Worth area. We create modern, classic, traditional, whimsical, western, and customized wedding cakes of all shapes, sizes, and colors! We’ve done a little bit of everything on scales that range for the smaller style wedding to the larger more insanely sized wedding cakes. We absolutely LOVE insane! We invite you in to our home, bakery, wherever, and hope you enjoy this year’s most popular designs and what you could see heading your way in terms of style and color! Gold wedding cakes were very, very popular all throughout 2015, and this year in the first couple of months of 2016, I foresee, gold, still being very popular. We have a gold wedding cake, shown towards the bottom, very simple. It’s got the gold bling, white rosettes, quilting with gold dragees, and the white pleating on the very bottom. Very beautiful, and a show-stopping cake!

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