Company Policies

Cake Pickups:

1. If you are unhappy with your order, bring the matter to attention before you leave That’s The Cake Bakery. Once you leave the bakery with your order, we cannot help you solve any issues – all sales are final.

3. You will be asked to sign a waiver on relatable cakes (3 tiers or more) when picking up the cake yourself. This release states that the order was acceptable to your preference, and once you leave the bakery, the cake becomes your responsibility.

4. Due to difference in cake sizes and cake board sizes, all cake boxes may not be available for your size of cake. We can cover and protect the cake to your satisfaction before you leave, with the materials we have in store. On some occasions, we will not put your cake in a box depending on the size (height and width) of the cake.

Cake Deliveries:

We offer cake deliveries up to 39 miles from our location in Arlington, TX. Deliveries are based on the physical delivery address and are based on a first come-first serve basis. There is always a delivery charge, no matter where we are going.


That’s The Cake Bakery requires a 50% nonrefundable deposit to book any order. All major cards are accepted (MasterCard, Visa, Discover), cash and checks. However, checks are not accepted as a form of payment (deposit or payment in full) for orders that are within 2 weeks of pickup/delivery. We no longer accept American Express as a form of payment.

All orders that require delivery – payment must be paid in full 1 day prior to delivery. Cakes will not be delivered unless the payment is received. We do not accept cash-on-delivery (COD).


The 50% retainer/deposit is non-refundable – this secures your order and is retained as a booking fee.

If the cake is paid in full at the time of the cancellation and is within 7 days of pickup, then 50% will be refunded check by mail within 30 days of cancellation. If 50% of the total was paid and you need to cancel 1 week or less before pickup, no deposit will be returned. Orders cancelled 2 weeks prior to pickup date, 50% of deposit will be returned. Please check on wedding cancellations under Wedding Cakes.

Once the 50% deposit has been placed, be it 5 minutes after or 100 years later the 50% deposit will not be refunded.

Before placing the order, ensure that you want to place the cake order.

Solicitation & Visitor Policy:

That’s The Cake Bakery prohibits the solicitation, distribution and posting of products and services on or at Company property by any employee or non-employee, except as may be permitted by this policy. The sole exceptions to this policy are charitable and community activities supported by That’s The Cake Bakery management and Company-sponsored programs related to That’s The Cake Bakery’s products and services.


Non-employees may not solicit employees or distribute literature of any kind on That’s The Cake Bakery’s premises at any time. Employees may only admit non-employees to work areas with management approval or as part of a Company-sponsored program. These visits should not disrupt workflow. That’s The Cake Bakery’s employee must accompany the non-employee at all times. Former employees are not permitted onto Company property except for official Company business.

Employees may not solicit other employees during work times, except in connection with a company approved or sponsored event.

Employees may not distribute literature of any kind during work times, or in any work area at any time, except in connection with a company-sponsored event.

The posting of materials or electronic announcements are permitted with approval from management.

Violation of this policy should be reported to the owner of That’s The Cake Bakery.

Pleading the staff will not change any opinions